Educational Philosophy

P.S. 360’s Educational Philosophy

Our goal at P.S. 360 is to foster the all-around development and academic growth of each student. The role of our school is to deliver academic instruction, and, in cooperation with the home and community, assist our students with their intellectual, social, cultural, emotional, physical and moral growth. It is our responsibility to make our students aware of their civic duties, which will encourage and prepare them to assume a responsible role in society.

We recognize that each student is an individual and has his/her own innate abilities, ambitions, and emotions. In the process of educating our students, we aim to challenge them, and reflect our concern for our students’ needs based on their own capabilities.

The following goals have been established for P.S. 360:

Incorporate character education.

  • Create a positive learning environment.
  • Work collaboratively to meet the needs of all students (i.e. differentiated instruction).
  • Understand and use technology to enhance learning.
  • Know and communicate subject content.
  • Know and use the Common Core Learning Standards as they apply to all subject areas.
  • Incorporate the use of critical thinking skills in all learning experiences.
  • Acknowledge and plan for various learning styles.