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Every grade level has a library libguide page at

The main library webpage is Library Destiny Catalog

Every class comes to the library on their assigned library day:

Monday, classes K-003, 502, 945

Tuesday, classes Pre-K 700, K-002, 302, 402

Wednesday, classes Pre-K 702, 102, 103, 104, 202, 203

Thursday, classes Pre-k 701, 942, 304, 944

Friday, classes 941, 303, 403, 503

Frequently Asked Questions

How many books will my child borrow?

Students borrow between one and four books at a time depending on the grade level.

Why does my student bring home some books that are too hard to read?

Students may borrow books for someone to read to them. Reading to your child builds vocabulary and promotes understanding.

Can I help my child select books?

Families are welcome to visit our school libraries after school on Fridays during Family Library access or after school on Tuesdays for a library conference.

What happens if a book is not returned on time.

If a book is more than two weeks overdue a printed notice will be sent home.

Can I see what books are overdue?

Students may log into their own library accounts and see what they have borrowed and what needs to be returned. Instructions for logging in will be sent home in a separate personalized log-in letter.

What happens if a book is lost or destroyed.

If “something terrible” happens to a book, the first step is to notify the librarian! If a student and their family takes responsibility for what happened to the book it is possible to take if off your library account. If a book is not returned after 90 days and no one contacts the school library, that book will be marked as “lost” and a fine will be placed on the library account. This fine can be removed after a family conference, by returning the book or by paying the fine.

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